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Lab Services

Lab Services in Catonsville, Glen Burnie, Columbia, Baltimore, North Baltimore, Rosedale, and Edgewater, MD

Lab services are essential for diagnosing and monitoring health conditions, providing crucial insights for effective medical care. Our lab services provide valuable insights into your well-being, covering vital aspects of your health. For more information or to prioritize your health, contact us or simply schedule an appointment online. Elevate your healthcare experience with our dedicated team. We have convenient locations to serve you in Catonsville, Glen Burnie, Columbia, Rosedale, Edgewater, North Baltimore, and Baltimore, MD.

Lab Services Near Me in Catonsville, Glen Burnie, Columbia, Baltimore, North Baltimore, Rosedale, and Edgewater MD
Lab Services Near Me in Catonsville, Glen Burnie, Columbia, Baltimore, North Baltimore, Rosedale, and Edgewater MD

Table of Contents:

What is routine lab work?
What would show up in a blood test?
What is a full-panel blood test called?
What should you avoid before a blood test?

What is routine lab work?

Routine lab work includes a variety of tests and analyses performed as part of an annual wellness check-up. In addition, routine lab work can be done if you are experiencing certain symptoms. Doctors use these tests to evaluate your health and catch medical conditions in their early stages. Routine lab work includes an analysis of your blood and your urine.

Urinalysis is used to check for conditions such as diabetes, urinary tract infections, or kidney problems. Additionally, various types of blood tests can be part of routine lab work. Some of the common routine blood tests are:

• Complete blood count (CBC).
• Lipid panel.
• Blood chemistry panel.
• Blood glucose test.
• Liver function test.
• Thyroid function test.

Overall, routine lab work is highly important for monitoring your health and the presence of various conditions. The exact tests recommended for you will depend on your medical history, current symptoms, sex, and age.

What would show up in a blood test?

Blood tests are used to look for a variety of health indicators. What information can be revealed depends on the type of blood test performed. For example, a liver function test and a blood chemistry panel would provide different insights into your health.

Blood tests are used to check how well organs, such as the kidneys, the thyroid, and the liver, are functioning. Respiratory and cardiovascular function can also be evaluated. Blood tests measure blood glucose, carbon dioxide, and hormone levels to ensure they are within the normal range.

Furthermore, a complete blood count (CBC) test reveals the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in your bloodstream. This is important for assessing the body’s ability to create blood clots, transport oxygen, and fend off infections. In summary, many health markers can be observed and monitored through the use of blood tests.

What is a full-panel blood test called?

A full blood panel is also referred to as a comprehensive metabolic panel, or CMP. This procedure measures the levels of 14 different substances in your bloodstream. CMPs provide essential insights into metabolic function and are commonly used during routine check-ups. The substances measured through a CMP are:

• Glucose.
• Calcium.
• Potassium.
• Bicarbonate.
• Chloride.
• Sodium.
• Albumin.
• ALP.
• ALT.
• AST.
• Bilirubin.
• Creatinine.
• Blood urea nitrogen (BUN).
• Total protein.

While CMPs are frequently included as part of routine examinations, they can also be used to assist in the diagnosis of disorders and to monitor whether treatment is working effectively. If you have symptoms that could indicate a metabolic disorder, kidney problem, or liver disease, the doctor will recommend a CMP to determine what’s causing your discomfort.

What should you avoid before a blood test?

Before your blood test, you may need to fast to ensure the results of the test are accurate. While some blood tests require a prior fasting period of 8 to 12 hours, others do not require this. The healthcare provider will explain how you should prepare for this appointment in detail. It’s essential to follow their instructions carefully, as even a minor deviation can significantly affect the results.

Be sure to let your doctor know about any medications, prescription or over-the-counter, as well as supplements that you are currently taking. In some cases, the doctor will advise you to take your medications well before or shortly after your blood test. This is because some pharmaceuticals can raise or lower your blood sugar. If they are taken too close to the test, the results may be skewed.

You should avoid consuming alcohol, vigorously exercising, and, if possible, smoking on the day of your test. These activities can influence various blood markers and impact the test results. Furthermore, we recommend you avoid excessive caffeine intake on the day of your blood test, as it can affect your blood pressure. If you have any questions about how to prepare for your appointment, our friendly staff is here to provide support and clarity. Unlock the power of comprehensive lab services at Nasseri Clinic of Arthritic and Rheumatic Diseases. Experience precise diagnostics and personalized care that empower your health journey. Contact us or schedule an appointment online to access the benefits of our advanced lab facilities. Your well-being is our priority. We have convenient locations to serve you in Maryland. We serve patients from Catonsville MD, Glen Burnie MD, Columbia MD, Baltimore MD, North Baltimore MD, Rosedale MD, Edgewater MD, Hebbville MD, Woodlawn MD, Pasadena MD, Jacobsville MD, Ellicott City MD, Laurel MD, Dundalk MD, Halethorpe MD, Overlea MD, Parkville MD, Riva MD, Annapolis MD, Ferndale MD, and surrounding areas.

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